Defending Our Great Lakes and Clean Water

Defending Our Great Lakes and Clean Water

From the shores of Lakes Michigan and Superior to the banks of the St. Croix and the Mississippi — and our thousands of inland lakes, rivers, and streams in between — clean water is central to our Wisconsin way of life. That’s why Tammy has worked across party lines to do right by Wisconsin by protecting our Great Lakes, holding polluters accountable, and improving drinking water quality across the state.

Stopping Invasive Asian Carp

As a member of the bipartisan Senate Great Lakes Task Force, Tammy knows how important it is to protect our water from invasive species. We’ve seen that Asian carp are closing in on Lake Michigan, threatening our environment and our Great Lakes economy. Tammy has taken action and called on both the Obama and Trump Administrations to take immediate steps to stop this invasion of our Great Lakes. Tammy also stepped up and pushed Washington to act on aggressive barriers to stop the spread of Asian carp and eradicate the species from our waterways.

Reversing Cuts to Great Lakes Restoration

Tammy is a leading defender of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI), which helps Wisconsin communities clean up contaminated industrial sites, protect fragile Great Lakes habitats, combat invasive species, and improve water quality for the millions of Americans who get their drinking water from our Great Lakes. When President Trump proposed cutting GLRI funding by 97%, Tammy got to work and forged an agreement between Republicans and Democrats to save our Great Lakes restoration efforts.

Replacing Lead Pipes

Communities across Wisconsin are facing a drinking water infrastructure crisis as lead pipes threaten the health of families and children. In response, Tammy introduced and championed a bold investment to build a modern, made-in-Wisconsin water infrastructure.

With the passage of the Water Resources Development Act of 2016, and many reforms authored by Tammy and billions of dollars in investments were put into place — including a grant program to reduce the threat of lead poisoning from drinking water in communities across Wisconsin. Tammy continues to support strong federal funding every year to rebuild our water infrastructure.

Thanks to Tammy’s hard work in the Senate and the work of Green Bay Water Utility General Manager Nancy Quirk, all lead lines have now been removed and replaced in the city of Green Bay. Now, the rest of the state must follow suit.

Rural communities across the state have partnered with USDA Rural Development to build clean and reliable drinking water systems. So, when President Trump made drastic cuts to Rural Development, Tammy worked on the Appropriations Committee to save these investments in Wisconsin’s rural communities and continue building the next generation of water treatment facilities.