Taking on Special Interests

Taking on Special Interests

Tammy is putting Wisconsin first and standing up to powerful special interests who want Washington to keep working for them — not Wisconsin. That’s why it’s no surprise that corporate special interests, billionaire megadonors, and shady Super PACs have made Tammy their top priority and have flooded Wisconsin with millions in outside spending against her.

No matter how much secret money these special interests spend, Tammy will continue doing right by Wisconsinites and work to reduce the influence of special interest money in our government and our elections.

Tax Reform that Works for Wisconsin

Tammy believes that Wisconsin working families need a tax cut and that we need to make our tax system simpler and fairer for Wisconsin small businesses and manufacturers. But when Washington had the opportunity to reform our complicated tax code, special interests called the shots and pushed through a partisan tax law that puts the wealthy and corporations first.

More than 80% of the new tax breaks will go to the wealthiest 1% and big corporations like Exxon, Wells Fargo and pharmaceutical corporations like Pfizer. These corporations are being gifted billions of dollars as a result of the new tax law even though they were already making massive profits. Here in Wisconsin, after Kimberly-Clark received their tax break, they announced layoffs for over 600 Wisconsin workers who created strong profits for the company.

The new tax law also adds over a trillion dollars to the national debt and cuts funding for our health care, which the AARP says will result in increased insurance premiums. This deficit is also driving some in Washington to call for deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and could even put nursing home care coverage at risk.

Tammy is standing up to these powerful special interests and is championing tax reforms that cut taxes for middle class Wisconsin families. Tammy has authored a tax reform that would help working families keep more of what they earn by strengthening and expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, so more Wisconsinites can claim these tax savings. Tammy has also sponsored legislation that would allow Wisconsin manufacturers to invest more in R&D and help entrepreneurs create more start-ups in Wisconsin and drive job growth.

Slowing the Revolving Door

There is an unacceptable revolving door between Washington and Wall Street, and it’s spinning out of control as big banks rig the system to help themselves while working families get left behind. Tammy is working to slow this revolving door and hold Washington accountable to Wisconsin.

Tammy’s Financial Services Conflict of Interest Act would outlaw Wall Street insiders and corporate executives from receiving golden parachutes bonuses for taking a government job. These multi-million dollar bonuses put insiders in the pocket of powerful special interests as they make a rigged system in Washington worse.

Overturning Citizens United

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allowed for special interests to give unlimited amounts of secret money to influence our government and elections. The result is that Washington is full of politicians who are bought and paid for by special interests.

Tammy is taking on these special interests and their politicians by pushing for reforms that fight against dark money and unlimited corporate donations to political campaigns. The DISCLOSE Act would require super PACs to reveal who their big donors are and also crack down on foreign interference in our elections. Tammy also joined the We The People Act, which would require disclosure of all special interest campaign donations, permanently ban lobbying by former Members of Congress, and put real limits on political campaign spending.