Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

Across Wisconsin, families are facing skyrocketing prescription drug prices — but in Washington, it’s the drug corporations who get their way. That’s why Tammy is taking on Big Pharma to do right by Wisconsinites who should never be forced to choose between groceries and medicine.

Holding Drug Corporations Accountable

Tammy has introduced bipartisan legislation to crack down on drug corporations that jack up the price of prescriptions.

The Baldwin-McCain FAIR Drug Pricing Act would force pharmaceutical CEOs to explain exactly what they think gives them the right to hike their prices — and make them admit if it’s to buy more TV ads, gift their shareholders more stock buybacks, raise their executives’ pay, or if it’s just simply because they can.

Whether you’re a parent of a child who needs an EpiPen, a diabetic who depends on insulin, or a first responder who carries Naloxone to reverse opioid overdoses in your community, you deserve to know why big pharmaceutical corporations with powerful Washington connections are jacking up the prices of lifesaving drugs.

Negotiating Lower Medicare Drug Prices

Right now, Washington prohibits Medicare from negotiating better prices on prescriptions for seniors. Tammy took on this broken system and introduced legislation to lower prescription drug prices for older Wisconsinites.

Instead of increasing drug company profits at the expense of seniors’ out-of-pocket costs, Tammy’s commonsense reform would allow Medicare to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies to get better prices.

Tammy’s plan would cut costs for more than 42 million seniors enrolled in Medicare Part D, while also safeguarding the Medicare program. And these savings will strengthen Medicare at a time when some in Washington are pushing partisan efforts to cut Medicare and end the program as we know it.

Stopping the Washington-Big Pharma Revolving Door

Wisconsinites across the state are calling for Congress to act on rising prescription drug prices, but the pharmaceutical industry has used its deep-rooted influence in Washington to continue reaping massive profits.

Tammy is putting Wisconsinites first by slowing the revolving door between pharmaceutical companies and Washington. Tammy’s legislation would force pharmaceutical regulators to recuse themselves if there are conflicts of interest, and it would tighten lobbying rules around future pharmaceutical regulations.