Press Release: Tammy Baldwin for Senate Submits Record-Breaking Over 13,000 Nomination Signatures

Strong grassroots support from all 72 counties and a cutting-edge field team counter special interest outside spending against Tammy

WISCONSIN- Today, Tammy Baldwin for Senate delivered a record-breaking over 13,000 signatures from all 72 counties to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

The Tammy Baldwin for Senate campaign exceeded the required number of signatures by over 11,000, far outpacing any recent U.S. Senate candidate in Wisconsin

“Despite nearly $10 million in outside spending to beat Tammy Baldwin this November, Wisconsinites from every corner of the state are throwing their unparalleled support behind Tammy because she puts Wisconsin first,” said campaign spokesperson Bill Neidhardt. “Wisconsinites know that Tammy Baldwin does right by Wisconsin no matter what it takes, and no matter what powerful interests or out-of-state billionaires stand in the way.”

To overcome the barrage of outside spending from special interests and out-of-state billionaires, the Tammy Baldwin for Senate campaign is building a cutting-edge organizing program into one of the largest and most energized field teams in Wisconsin history.